There is a profusion and confusion of other voter sites. Some have famous journalists with high ideals guiding their destinies. At invoter, we have ideals, but no famous journalists; in fact, there are no journalists, famous or otherwise, on the invoter staff. What we do have are independent thinkers. Computer literate people, adept at the modern arts of self expression: video, film & photography, and with enough wit to push a pen and punch a keyboard.

      invoter is not a business or a hobby. but a vehicle of intrusion into the realm of politics; neither professional nor amateur, a collection of singular and persistent coloring agents in the monochrome mix of public opinion - gadflies and 21st Century idealists disenchanted with the lingering rigidness of the 18th Century mind set in today's politics, bemused by a return to stratifying and pigeonholing typical of 19th Century society, shocked and appalled at the endless bloodletting, war, brutality, and disorder that marked the 20th Century.

      In short, we believe the human mind is capable of far more sensible organization for self rule then the archaic system currently in place. An Internet generation in search of 21st Century values in everyday life, impatient for the future, desirous of not only the whole world which we inherited, but of the world we should have inherited were our progenitors more enlightened. we are invoter.

      Of course, if you have political ideas of your own, feel free to   CLICK HERE!

(Please, independent minded voters only - Republicans and Democrats, you have plenty of old-fashioned sites that will accommodate your opinions.)