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July 2002


Tom Golisano Albany Press Conference. 34 Minutes of Video Coverage

Petitions   It's Petition Time again, and your doorbell may ring. Someone with a clipboard and pen could ask you to sign on the dotted line. invoter answers the two most asked questions about this process. What are Petitions? and Why Me?
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New Voting Lines   New voting lines have been drawn all across New York State. Politicians have cut and pasted the old lines to suit themselves. You may not live where you think you do. Times they are a-changing.
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Feature The Independence Party Gubernatorial Convention was held at the Brooklyn Marriott May 17 - 19 and INVOTER.COM was there.
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          The New York City Compaign Finance Board and Political Reform. How far off the mark is this officious agency run by a Jesuit Priest?

Editorial   This could be the most sensational Primary race ever. In a party that has had only one somewhat minor primary in its history, Who gets to be the Governor of New York State may be determined in the 2002 Independence Party Primary. You wont believe what could happen.
Comming For September 2002
September 2002
The Independence Primary
George Pataki vrs. Tom Golisano
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