Members Page has partnered with to bring you the world's easiest to use email system. This post office is completely Internet based. No files to download. No software to install. No settings to confuse you. No long profiles to fill out. Just sign up and go. Now you can check your email anywhere on the planet, surfing at Waikiki to skiing in the Alps, staying in touch is a breeze.

Use our invoter and Independence Party watermarked stationary. Just click on "Use Stationary" and select one of five Independence eagles and invoter logos. It's that easy. Why not try them all?

Strut your stuff too, tells everyone they are dealing with an independent minded, computer literate New York style voter interested in public affairs.

And, we give away lots of goodies to members, things like posters and buttons, tee shirts and flags, hats and pennants, things to wave and wear, things to help you keep the independent spirit in politics alive.

Best of all, it's absolutely FREE

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